What is a peace and justice coalition?

It is hopes and dreams that gather in the small hours of the morning, while we wait for sunlight and a new day, for the clearing of the weather, for some illumination of the darkness.  It is the first breath of awakening, the warmth of a winter blanket, the hunt for slippers.  It is a hope that yesterday’s demons may have been finally laid to rest, so that things large and small may shine and bear fruit.

We think our thoughts silently as we listen to Democracy Now and chant or meditate or pray or sometimes, grumble.  We gather our strength which may have hidden under the bed covers, hoping for a longer rest until, as the poet sings, morning has broken.  We gather our strength as we sigh or groan or smile or ponder silently what the day will bring.  Finally, we gather clothing, toothbrush, glasses, water bottle, and we start the work of coalescing and collaborating, of co-creating a more perfect union, at home and abroad.

Welcome, bienvenidos, blessed be, let the singing start.  Let us engage in the work of chanting together a new world.


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